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February 10, 2006

Ann, Thanks for Nothing

With Ann Coulter you should only expect a bad stand-up comedian with a conservative schtick. That's what CPAC attendees got today. My expectations were low, yet she proceded to go below them. She referred to Muslims as "ragheads." She went farther than calling for Justice John Paul Stevens to be poisoned. Muhammad is depicted as a historic law-giver on one of the court's frieses. Coulter wanted Muslims informed so they would burn down the Supreme Court. But just before that happened someone would call Justices Roberts, Scalia, Alito, Thomas, and Kennedy. She's right when she said, "Our ideas ought to win." Too bad for Ann she doesn't offer any. Bad jokes sell books (unfortunately); they don't persuade voters.

UPDATE: The reaction to Coulter from CPAC webloggers has been negative. Tom Bridge is "going to go be ill." Her words don't help the conservative movement at all. Ryan Sager posted the entire "raghead" quote.

UPDATE II: Jeff Harrell wrote a letter to Ann. Add my name to the bottom.

UPDATE III: "The famous LaShawn Barber" thinks "itís much ado about nothing."

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